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It’s December 2018. Indie games experience their new boost of popularity nowadays. There are different reasons why people prefer titles introduced by independent developers (Obsidian Entertainment, Larian Studios, etc.) and not those created and promoted by big corporations like EA, Ubisoft or Bethesda. Still, in our opinion, the main reason for AAA projects to look so weird in 2018 is the crisis of ideas big publishers are currently suffering from. The greatest game developing corporations just go on using same gameplay formulas with slight setting corrections from year to year, and that is why most of their games are incredibly boring.

On the other side, there stand indie games. Independent developers don’t have big budgets and incomes, but they can use their creative freedom to come up with something new. Indie games often bring the genuine simplicity together with unseen gameplay and narrative solutions that make gamers so excited.

If you belong to that category of gamers, you came to the right website. We are very glad to meet you at – the best database for gamers. Here you can find:

  • Latest news touching indie games;
  • Reviews for different projects including indie games and AAA blockbusters;
  • Interesting articles about the independent game development;
  • News devoted to gaming hardware and different accessories;
  • Many other exciting and unusual stories from the world of gaming. is the website called to help you stay aware of latest trends and news in the industry of gaming in general and indie game development in particular. In fact, our team aims to create a website which would be your favorite database of indie-gaming and the source of cool facts. We’ll do our best and hope you like our articles. Visit regularly to stay posted.

Indies crash gaming industry!