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About Indies Crash E3

Indies Crash E3 is a campaign put on by SemiFormal Studios, an indie game development team and the makers of Ensemble Online (

The purpose of Indies Crash E3 is to get indie developers into E3 and let them show off their games to media and to the masses.

We believe that if small indie games have a spotlight at E3, it will force coverage coming out of the expo to be more about awesome games and less about PR battles. We also believe that small teams, even if they don't have the money, deserve to show off their work at E3.

In 2013 we let fans vote for their favorite indie games and then offered those developers a chance to attend the world's largest gaming expo. We flew out the number 1 indie, arranged interviews for the whole lot, and helped indie games steal the show:

We've already begun work on Indies Crash E3 2014 and we hope to make it bigger and better than ever.