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We're giving fans a chance to nominate the indies they think most deserve the chance to attend the world's biggest gaming expo. The ten nominators with the best submissions will win passes for themselves and their nominated indies.

The best submission will win roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodation for the submitter and the nominated indie team. We're even getting in touch with industry journalists to see about getting coverage for the winning games.

Remember: when nominating The indier, the better

We're not looking to give some 50-man team another leg up. We want to help the garage-dwelling, midnight-coding, bootstrapping indies: the little guys.

The benefactor

We are SemiFormal Studios, a small indie startup tucked away in Fresno, California. We've been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to present our game, Ensemble Online, at the biggest anything ever: E3.

This windfall came with a large number of industry passes that we'd like to give out to other indies so they too can have a chance to spread the word about their games.