Winners Announced

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Winners Announced!

Welp, this was definitely a wild rollercoaster!

All told we had over 815,496 pageviews, 633 nominations, and 121,043 votes (though not all of the votes or nominations ended up confirming their submission). I'd say not a bad response for us little indies! But now the hardwork begins. For the next 3 weeks we'll be diligently contacting reporters, bloggers, journalists, podcasters and other media to try and get coverage for the indies we're taking with us to E3. It won't be easy but we're up to the task!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated; the support for these indies was overwhelming. This was definitely a lot of fun, and we're honored to be able to share our E3 experience with such an amazing bunch. We'll be using a few of our personal E3 passes to invite some honorary indies such as the admirable That Dragon, Cancer which should make the group just that much more awesome!

We'll send an email out to everyone who participated letting them know the final status but, without further adieu, we're proud to congratulate our official Indies Crash E3 winners:

Position #1:
Saibot Studios (nominated by: Thaiel Calzada Guirao)
with 12436 confirmed votes
Position #2:
Kaiju Combat (nominated by: Max De'ath-Vale)
with 8201 confirmed votes
Position #3:
Project Neumann (nominated by: Thiago Strahler Rivero)
with 3172 confirmed votes
Position #4:
Raspina Studio (nominated by: Daniel Noroozi)
with 2370 confirmed votes
Position #5:
TripleClaim Game Collective (nominated by: Maja Živkovi?)
with 1683 confirmed votes
Position #6:
Spiffy Goats (nominated by: Dushan)
with 1683 confirmed votes
Position #7:
Shabgard - Down Of Darkness (nominated by: Massoud Ghafuri)
with 1628 confirmed votes
Position #8:
Behold Studios (nominated by: Saulo Camarotti)
with 1215 confirmed votes
Position #9:
Nucleotide (nominated by: Matej)
with 1149 confirmed votes
Position #10:
Black Annex (nominated by: Megan Fox)
with 1032 confirmed votes