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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you doing this?
    In the process of preparing our booth for E3 we came to realize just how hard it is for little guys at the expo. Everyone tries to over charge you, the standards are set up for big companies, and even getting in is near impossible without a big company behind you. We just want to let some indies experience E3 and hopefully, if we gain enough momentum, help make E3 more indie-friendly.
  2. What do you get out of it?
    We want E3 to become more indie accessible. It was far too hard to get our game into the expo and we know it's simply impossible for our indie developer friends. We're spending thousands of dollars and we've put in hundreds of man hours getting this together in the hopes of making that happen. We do not get anything from E3 for running this campaign and we're not reimbursed by any party for our time or our costs.
  3. I read an article that says you may not be legit, what's up with that?
    We've been in communication with E3 since before we started the Indies Crash campaign. From the beginning, they've assured us that the way we intend to use our passes is fine. The article that spread the controversy was based on some confusion because the author was talking with E3 and us separately which bolstered a lot of miscommunication. We quickly got back in touch with E3 and let the author know that they were working with us to straighten things out and dispell any misinformation, but he had a deadline and posted the article anyway. After it was posted, E3 got in touch with him at our request and he posted a follow up, but the damage was done. It was frustrating to have such a negative article written about us and it most definitely damaged the campaign, but now we're just looking forward and trying to pick back up momentum as the campaign comes into its final week or so.
  4. So you WILL be able to get everyone into E3?
    Here's the official statement from Dan Hewitt, our contact at the ESA (the company who owns and operates E3):

    Anyone without suitable proof that they're already part of the industry will need to test our game, Ensemble Online. By being a tester of our game, we can provide them with the proper credentials to meet industry-affiliation requirements. We've worked with Dan to verify that no one will be turned away.
  5. Why didn't I get my confirmation email?
    Check your spam folder first. There's also a known issue on hotmail of our emails getting rejected; we haven't found a fix yet. If you're on hotmail and you're not receiving a confirmation email, please try an address from a different provider! If you want to resend a confirmation email, simply vote again with the same email address.
  6. Why do nominators get passes too?
    When we were first planning the campaign, we were thinking about it from the perspective of getting people to nominate indies. From that perspective, it became obvious we needed to incentivize them to nominate, so we decided to give them prizes as well. What we've seen is that the indies themselves have been clamoring to the campaign, getting themselves nominated. Next year we may just give all the prizes directly to the indies.
  7. Why didn't you do X instead?
    We're not professional contest designers. We're just a small team trying to help some other indies get in and hopefully affect a change at the expo. Next year, E3 has agreed to work with us while we put on the campaign and we'll get opinions from this year's participants to get some ideas.
  8. Can I vote with multiple emails?
    No. Any nomination with too many non-unique voters may have its vote total modified or become disqualified.